Sum of One | Medical Mission – Progress Update
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Medical Mission – Progress Update

Medical Mission – Progress Update

Today could not be any better. We received news today that we were approved to receive up to one hundred pounds of medical supplies of our choosing to take with us to the Philippines. This donation will help us cover some of the more advanced equipment that we need to take with us that others may not be as willing to donate. We can get drainage and suction supplies, drapes and dressings of any size, lab and monitoring equipment, sutures, staples and IV bags. As much as we need up to one hundred pounds of equipment.

The timing of the donation couldn’t be any better. Our medical mission is quickly approaching, only five weeks away from an amazing day. We currently have four doctors, four resident nurses and twenty-six nursing students that have responded to our request for help. We of course need more doctors to join us, specifically those with a general surgery (or any surgical) background. Our preregistration for surgeries has illicited a positive response from the barangays we will be serving, and we currently have four major surgeries scheduled, including an appendectomy, mastectomy, lumpectomy, and tonsillectomy. Minor surgeries and general physician care have also been scheduled for those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressures, and other pulmonary related diseases.

Our itinerary for the trip is coming together, and we will hopefully be meeting with not only the mayor of the barangays but with the governor as well. If we are able to meet with the governor, it could open up many other opportunities for us to give back within Zambales and other areas of the Philippines. We couldn’t be more excited with how things are progressing and we are learning so much about how to operate as a team and set up the medical missions for the future.

In other news, my husband Ervin said something to his parents in Tagalog last night, and I said to him, “Did you just ask your parents where all the kids went?” He replied, “Yes.” I smiled and it took him a minute to realize that I had understood his question in Tagalog. It was a very exciting moment for me.

Planning for a better future.

Lauren Ebalo

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