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We Are Leaving In One Week

We Are Leaving In One Week

On March 25th, Lauren and I strap in for a 14+ hour flight for the Philippines with a short stop in Tokyo. I was born in the Philippines, moved here when I was 8, and have not been back since. I’m really excited to get there and absorb.

There’s been lots of things going on in the past few weeks. My parents left for the Philippines three weeks ago and they have been going NON-STOP. They have been running around to coordinate and finalize the event details. The Mayor of Botolan, Nerma Yap, has been so supportive. She’s allowed her staff to help coordinate with us from securing the host clinic to letting us borrow an ambulance to pick up medical supplies and medication from the city. My parents have also been working with the governor of Zambales, Hermogenes Edbane, for assistance. Various doctors and friends have also been very involved with the planning and recruitment of other volunteers. The amount of support we’ve received so far has been <span style=”font-style: italic;”>adding up</span> to something we never imagined.

We received the initial pre registration list of patients. As I began to enter the names, ages, and their primary complaints, this whole thing became so much more real. So much bigger than what we had imagined.
<ul class=”regularUL”>
<li><strong>368</strong> pre-registered patients</li>
<li><strong>215</strong> of which are for circumcisions</li>
<li><strong>287</strong> patients that are 19 years old and younger</li>
<li>Coming from <strong>16</strong> “barangays” or towns</li>
<li>Cases include: <strong>circumcision</strong>, <strong>tumor</strong>, <strong>cyst</strong>, <strong>goiter</strong>, <strong>hernia</strong>, <strong>infections, cataract
We are expecting a lot more people to show up that are not on our pre-registration list. As it stands today, we are still in need of more volunteer doctors and registered nurses to serve the number of patients. If you know of someone or have a friend who may know someone in the Philippines that can help, please let us know. It will go a long way.

You can also support us financially. From $1 to $100. Anything helps. Just click on the PayPal Donate button below.

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<em>100% of your money will go directly to support the medical mission including supplies and medication</em>.

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